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Offering a refreshingly different way to approach learning, Give Them Wings to Fly provides musical instruments, lessons and mentorship programs to children who may not have the opportunity otherwise.

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Give Them Wings to Fly encourages youth to make a difference in their own lives by building relationships and becoming leaders in their own communities.

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Fly Further

Give Them Wings to Fly uses music to strengthen the relationship between today's youth and their communities, empowering them to use the skills they learn in the program to succeed in future endeavors.


About us

We are firm believers that children are our most valuable natural resource. They are rich with creativity, life, and imagination.

Give Them Wings To Fly is devoted to a future where children have a safe haven to express themselves. We give them an opportunity to escape from the world’s problems, even if only for a moment, through the power of musical education.

It all started with three individuals who wanted to give back. Give back to a community and industry that has been instrumental in each of their lives. Combining creativity, passion, and a love for enriching children’s lives a movement was born.

Get involved and follow our journey.

Together we can make a difference

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